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Residential Windows
We offer complete egress window system for residential for new construction and renovations. Our system includes:
Window Frames
99 Glass Inserts (Single & Double Insulated,
Low E, Argon Filled)
99 Straight Back Window Wells
99 Metal Grates and Escape Ladders
99 Plastic Covers for Metal Grates
99 Accessories
  - Window frames/bucks
  - Glass inset (single and double insulated, Low E, Argon Filled)
  - Window / Area wells
  - Metal grates
  - Escape ladders
  - Plastic covers for grates
  - Accessories

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Slip Corners NEW!
The way contractors pour pier pads...
The way contractors pour pier pads ... JUST CHANGED!
  • Slip corners were developed to allow a contractor to strip an entire pad assembly, in one piece.
  • The top of the corners have built in lifting lugs.
  • When standard panels are bolted to the  tapered corner, it  automatically places the forms on a slight batter.
  • Because the forms are battered, they free themselves as they are lifted.
  • Slip corners are 3’ tall. You can either lay forms horizontally or stand 3’ forms up vertically.

Debris Chute System
SureBuilt offers an economical and complete line of debris chutes and accessories to handle all of your waste management needs. Our system can be mounted to various types of structures including flat roofs or scaffolding applications, window openings and parapet walls. We also offer a 150' manual winch for all your lifting needs. All products are easy to install, light weight and long lasting!

Concrete Hoppers & Accessories
All plastic products are rotational molded and made with industrial grade polyethylene for multiple uses.
Products available:
  - Concrete Hoppers
  - PVC Tremie Pipes
  - Elephant Trunk Collar
  - Adjustable Band Clamp
  - PVC Elephant trunk

VaporStop 10 & 15 mil
VaporStop is a high performance under slab vapor barrier/retarder designed to retard moisture migration through concrete slabs-on-grade. It's a time-proven and cost effective way of controlling moisture. Constructed from high-strength polyethylene, VaporStop is designed to help insure quality construction and energy savings in building projects.
VaporStop is available in 10 mil (VaporStop 10) and 15 mil (VaporStop 15) thickness. 
VaporStop Tape is designed to bond specifically to vapor barier/retarder, making it ideal for sealing VaporStop seams and penetrations. Available in 9 mil thickness, 2" or 4" width by 60 yards long rolls.

Literature: VaporStop Brochure

Double Headed Shear Reinforcement (DSA)

DSA Shear Reinforcement is generally used in slab to column and footing connections to resist the punching shear in the slab and transfer the concentrated loads firther into the slab to create a larger shear area around the column.


  • Top and bottom load transfer from the heat is the same
  • Strip and wires are for positioning and spacing only and can be assembled at any location per design drawings
  • No additional structural welding to strip or wire (no additional certified welding locations)
  • Cost effective - less installation time, labor cost saving
  • Preferred standard used worldwide
  • Made in the USA
Frame Scaffolding

We are manufacturing scaffolding products recognized as the industry standards scaffolding systems on US market:

  • Walk thruss
  • Box frames
  • Access frames
  • Guard rails
  • Brackets
  • Crossbraces
  • Planks and other accessories

10K Hi-Load Compatible Shoring

We offer all standard size frames with complete line of braces and accessories. 
All products are available as basic dip painted or recommended bake-on powder coat finish. 
For post shores, we also have the only in house galvanizing plant in the industry.

Literature:  Shoring Price List
Custom Agricultural & Equine

Galvanized Lifestock Gates and Panels that are Built to Last!

  • Tube gates
  • Corral panels and gates
  • Bow gates
  • Combo panels
  • Horse stalls
  • Accessories
Drill Bits
Carbide-tipped concrete and masonry drill bits with single-tipped head.
Priced to give you the edge on every project.
Fit all SDS Plus and SDS Max drive hammers.
SureBuilt Manufacturing offers many different types and sizes of hoses like:
  - PVC Discharge Hoses
  - Canvas Discharge Hoses
  - PVC Suction Hoses
  - Air Hoses
  - HD Water Hoses